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Unit 0     Skills Review

  0.1. Working with Integers

 0.2. Order of Operations

  0.3. The Exponent LawWorksheet A+B

 Review Working with integers

 Review Order of Operations

 Review The Exponent Law and Quiz

  Unit 1, Linear Equations

1.1. Simplifying, Expanding, and Substituting  ,  Homework A    ,   Homework B

 1.2. Solving One –Step EquationsHomework A, Homework B

   1.3. Solving Multi-Step Equations,   Homework A,    Homework B

 1.4. Solving Equations with Fractions, Day 1,   Homework A,    Homework B

   1.5. Equations Review Assignment

   1.4. Solving Equations with Fractions, Day 2,  Homework A     Homework B

  Review Assignment Take-Up and Equation Rally in Mathville

  Review Equations with  Fractions, Day 3

 Unit 1 Test  

  Unit 2 , Linear Relations

2.1. The Coordinate Plane, Worksheets

2.2. Initial Value and Rate of Change, Worksheets

2.3. Finding Slope Given Two Points, Worksheets

2.4. Creating Linear Equations, Worksheets

Finding Slope Graphic Organizer + Finding Slope Review Game + Unit 2 Quiz

Graphing Linear Equations Given slope y-intercept form , Homework

Graphing Linear Equations Given Standard Form, Homework

Converting to Slope Y-intercept Form, Homework Linear Relations

Review #1, Graphing a Line When Given the Equation,

Linear Relations Review #2,

Review Test Practice Unit 2 Test,

Linear System Diagnostic

 Unit 3 Linear Systems

:Lesson 1, Exploring Linear Systems,

 Lesson 2, Solving Linear Systems by Graphing, Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2

 Lesson 3, Solving Linear Systems by Substitution Day 1, Worksheet

 Lesson 4, Solving Linear Systems by Substitution Day 2, Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2

 Lesson 5, Solving Systems by Elimination Day 1, Worksheet 1,

 Lesson 6, Solving Systems by Elimination Day 2, Worksheet

 Lesson 7, Real World Applications of Linear Systems,     Homework

 Lesson 8, Review


October : Linear Systems Unit Test

Unit 4 Trigonometry

Lesson 1. Triangles and Similarity

Lesson 2. Solving Sides of Similar TrianglesWorksheet

Lesson 3. Real World Similar Triangles, Worksheet

 Review and Similar Triangles Group Test


  Similar Triangles Unit test

  The Pythagorean Theorem, Self Assessment,     Cryptic Quiz

 Hypotenuse, Opposite and Adjacent Sides,   Self Assessment

 The Primary Trig Ratios,    

 Finding Side Lengths

 Solving Right Angles Triangles

 Real World Problems Using Trigonometry


Trigonometry  Unit Test

Unit 5 Factoring

: Binomial Expansion,                 Homework

 Common Factoring,           Homework      

 Factoring Differences of Squares           Homework

 Factoring Simple Trinomials           Homework A

 Factoring Simple Trinomials  Homework B

 Factoring Simple Trinomials with Common Factors



 Unit 7 Geometry

Metric and Imperial Conversions-Linear and Mass,

 Metric and Imperial Conversions - Area and Volume, Homework

 Perimeter and Area, Homework

 Volume of Prisms and Cylinders, Homework

Volume of Pyramids and Cones, Homework

 Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders, Homework

 Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones, Homework

Similar Shapes Assignment

 Review Unit 7

Unit 7 Test

 Exam Review

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