Unit 1, Prerequisite Skills

1.1. Multiplying and Diving Integers,  Homework

1.2. Adding and Subtracting Integers, Homework

1.3. Order of Operations,  Homework

Unit 2, Polynomals

2.1. Simplifying Polynomials,  Homework

2.2. Evaluating Polynomials,  Homework

2.3. The Distributive Property, Homework

2.4. Adding and Subtracting Polynomials, Homework

Unit 3, Equations

3.1. Solving One-Step Equations, Homework

3.2. Solving Two-Step Equations, Homewor

3.3. Solving Multi-Step Equations, Homework

3.4. Solving Multi-Step equations Using the Distributive Property,   Homework

3.5. Applications of Solving Equations, Homework

Unit 4, Proportional Reasoning

4.1. Ratios and Equivalent Ratio, Homework

4.2. Proportions, Homework

4. 3. Rates, Homework

4.4. Applications of Proportions, Homework

4.5. Percent I- taxes and Discounts, Homework

4.6. Percent II- Markup and Markdown, Homework

4.7. Percent III- Other Applications, Homework

Unit 5, Linear and Non-Linear Relations

5.1. The Coordinates Plane, Homework

5.2. Using Tables of Values to Graph Linear Relations,  Homewor

5.3. Exploring Equations of Linear Relations, Homework

5.4. Finding Rate of Change, Homework

5.5. Word Problems Involving Linear Relations, Homework

5.6. Properties of Linear and Non-linear Relations

Unit 6, Analyzing Linear Relations

6.1. Solving Multiple Linear Relations Graphically, Homework

6.2. Distance-Time Graph Part 1,  Homework

6.3. Distance-Time Graph Part 2, Homework

6.4. Exploring Real World Two-Variable Relationship -Part 1, Homework

6.5. Exploring Real World Two-Variable Relationship- Part 2, Homework

Unit 7, Perimeter, Area and Volume

7.1. Maximum area and Intro to Pythagorean Theorem, Homework

7.2. Area and Perimeter of Composite Shapes, Homework

7.3. Volume of Geometric Figures, Homework

7.4.Perimeter, Area and Volume Assgnment

Unit 8, Angle Properties

8.1. Angles, Homework

8.2. Angle in Triangles and Quadrilaterals, Homework

8.3. Applications of Angles in Geometric Figures, Homewor

8.4. Parallel Lines Patterns, X and Z, Homework

8.5. Parallel Lines Patterns, F and C, Homework

8.6. Applications of Parallel Line Patterns

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